Who am I?

I like to consider my self to be a cover less book without a title. To billions I don't even exist. For many, I am a just another book on a library shelf. Dozens have heard about me, they must have given me a title and a cover. Some have picked me up, read the review and must have given me a title and a cover. A few have read, are still reading and they thereby themselves play a part on the extra pages that are getting added for every passing day. If I was to give a title and design a cover to this book, I would title it 'The Orphan of the Crazy Phallus' and on the cover would be a silhouette of a skinny man with an ear ring, dangling like a ding a ling a ling.


  1. Deep insights aue. To me, you've been a mentor- like a seamless little spark of inspiration here and there, time and again.

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